Yes, death has bared its vicious fangs again. This time, it crept into the home of the Okumagbas, and snatched one of  his beloved sons, Albert Okumagba. Thecapitalng sources say Albert Okumagba, the CEO of BGL  died this morning.

Indeed, if money were a language understood by death, the deceased would be alive. But his time was up, as it were.

There is no gainsaying Albert was a man who impacted positively on everyone that came in contact with him. He was a  man without guile. Despite being involved in the fickle and fractious world of high society, he exuded a sweetness of character and good nature till the very end.

Once again, the death of Okumagba reminds us of our dour humanity, and of the fragility of our hold on human subsistence. The world is indeed a stage and life itself is but a walking shadow. It is a permanent shuttle in the sepulcher, and what we have are fleeting memories, stilled mementoes, fraught memories and the fractured memorabilia of those who are gone forever, never to be seen again.

By his passage, high society has been thrown into deep mourning and his family and friends are distraught as you read.

– The Capital.


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