Electorate in Ndokwa/Ukwuani Federal Constituency in Delta State have asked the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) and other relevant authorities to help expedite actions in the recall process for Hon Ossai Nicholas Ossai, the member representing the constituency in the House of Representative.

The recall process being championed by the Ndokwa ThinkThank Assembly (NTTA) a non-government/political group that envisions a socio-political spectrum and the entrenchment of a democratic culture, unique and reflective of the Ndokwa/Ukwuani people’s aspirations and wellbeing.

In a statement by the NTTA Pioneer National President, Comr. Amaechi Nwador, the group stated that they are calling for the recall of Hon Ossai Nicholas Ossai from the House of Representatives for gross and incompetent representation for a decade and counting.

NTTA also lauded the Ndokwa/Ukwuani courage and support shown from across the three (3) local governments (Ukwuani, Ndokwa-East, Ndokwa-West) that makes up the constituency since the struggle to recall Ossai Ossai began two (2) weeks ago. The president noted that at first, it was like having an handshake with the iroko tree in order to shake off its dew but “today, with the kind of support and people who are going from door to door to sign the recall documents and those that have signed our online petition, Ndokwa people will be victorious he enthused.

A week ago, Hon Ossai Nicholas Ossai after over a decade of representation of Ndokwa/Ukwuani Federal Constituency in the House of Representatives bought few motorcycles and other items which he distributed to some alleged PDP faithfuls and also gave #100,000 (One Hundred Thousand Naira) and #50,000 (Fifty Thousand Naira) which he gave to SSAs, PAs to the governors and other PDP political appointees in the state.

According to the NTTA and other Sons and daughters of Ndokwa nation, Hon Ossai Nicholas Ossai termed what they described as a show of shame from their representative as an empowerment of the constituency instead of enriching his political allies with the commonwealth of the Ndokwa/Ukwuani people.

The people argued that, Ossai Ossai have never attracted any meaningful project to the area but have successfully enriched himself and escaped poverty with the commonwealth of the Ndokwa people.

Here is the statement by NTTA:

While some persons have approached us on why we have embarked on the seemingly impossible task of recalling Hon. Ossai Nicholas Ossai from the House of Representative despite obvious flaws in his representation. These are persons who are either sympathetic of his person or have outrightly wished to sentence the Ukwuani/Ndokwa people to perpetually mindless miss-governance. We understand their vocabularies and what is governing their vibrations.

We will however respond to some innuendos sponsored to discredit our very sincere struggles.

1.That we have not prepared a viable alternative. It is disheartening for some persons to allege that we do not have an alternative to Ossai Nicholas Ossai, and therefore should ceasefire. But for the avoidance of doubt let it be said that Ndokwa/Ukwuani sons and daughters who are intellectually viable, credible, prepared and available are very disturbed at the parlours state of affairs in Ukwuani, and are eager to rejigging the development trajectory through any means necessary. It is therefore terrifying for us to lose our sense of responsibility at moments like this.

That the struggle is self serving, relevance seeking or being sponsored by some politicians. Those who wish to debase truth need go extra mile. As an organization we seek no personal relevance in promoting the language of truth as that is the sonum bonum of life. How is it our personal interest to promote the recall of Hon. Ossai N. Ossai who some of us have known since our teenage years, and have followed his activities from his student days? It means that our knowledge of him predates his very present office, and so we do not seek to know him better. Therefore, If upholding the sanctity of truth runs counter to some person’s self made god and their selfish desire to survive a decaying empire that have been judged, weighed in the balance and found wanting, we will do it again. And If upholding, good governance initiative, and stigmatizing bad governance when we see one is seeking relevance, and if uprooting the alter of bad governance in Ukwuani/Ndokwa is seeking relevance then let us seek it again and again. It is however evidentially treacherous to allege that we are being sponsored in a recall bid that seeks to validate the ideals of good governance upon which all votaries of truth converge.
As students of dialectic creative thought, we have applied ourselves to the basic rudiments of truth which predates our present struggle, and knowing that time is the immortal judge of all human actions for which we wish to stand in the right side of history. It is thus inconceivable and mindbogglingly how degenerate our politicians are, and how they can easily and arrogantly respond to their electorates as “they didn’t vote for me so I can’t honor their call”. It worries me how our politicians thrives on a damaging systemic narrative to belly the desire to hold them accountable. Such is the case of Hon. N. Ossai whose litany of woes dwarfs the credentials of the “maestro” that have defined his signatures in recent times. Perhaps he is trying hard at being a good Nigerian and a bad Ndokwa/Ukwuani representative at the Green chambers.
As an organization, Ndokwa Think Tank Assembly (NTTA) of will still wish to see in praxis the noblest of ideal governance in Ukwuani/Ndokwa Land. This we will do at all times without compromise, and do not fear if they send their thugs to mete out violence against us.
We crave your patience to attend to our volunteers, either online or those moving door to door to ensure Ukwuani/Ndokwa people serve Hon. Ossai N. Ossai justice. For no matter how long it takes the arc of the moral universe will bend towards justice. Thanks

The struggle continues.

Amaechi Nwador,
President NTTA




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