Who does that? Who survives with such an obvious drama of mischief? Who gets success and transformational regeneration with such an attitude and mindset?

Why would any sane person think he could possibly achieve dignity and corporate trust with such an antics? Isn’t this mere ostrich game?

Consumed in thoughts of being hidden from public glare by mere having its head buried in the sand while the full body is out for public chuckles.

If this is not mental challenge what possibly could it be?

The recent happenings in this country for the past two months ( The gun running in Aso Rock, The Magu wahala, the Akpabio and Nunieh theatre of shame and the Malami’ show of disrespect to NCDC protocol etc) Have beamed this administration as a joke, facade in style with a President that looks but sees nothing, listens but hears nothing, talks but obviously does not understand what he says.

Some one shouted in frustration, why do the President’s trusted friends are the ones dragging his name to the mud? It sounded as a rhetoric question to me, needing no answer. The answer of course is found in the disposition of the head.Anyway, that is not my major turf now!

I am simply set out to say, it is high time we woke up especially the members of Presidential Task Force(PTF) on Covid19 from their dream on the functionality of lockdown. People have moved on long time. PTF is merely holding the straw of the lockdown, the main rod had slipped off their grip long time.

I am persuaded to liken the reaction of Nigerians to the Covid19 lock down to a recalcitrant young boy who was asked to kneel for his misbehavior. Reluctantly he knelt. After a while he voiced out, I may be kneeling but inside me I am standing. What a caricature of the authority of whoever that subjected him to such punishment.

Nigerians may be pretending that there is lock down, PTF on Covid19 may equally be playing to the gallery, pretending in the public that people are observing the lockdown. The horse is long bolted out! That is the truth!

Nigerians have long moved on, going about their normal businesses.

The market is full to the brim, some SOEs ( State owned Enterprises) are busy like bee hives people milling around like bee colony doing their normal and usual runs.

Motor parks and Mall centers are gradually building momentum, getting back to normalcy.

Religious centers are getting back gradually with the new normal.

The only odd institution out, standing in the cold like an orphan is the education system. It has largely been disenfranchised and unfairly treated. No wonder we are the way we are.

The reality which may take time to trickles and sediment in our subconscious mind is the fact that Covid19 will be our visitor for a long while.

Creating room in our space for it to stay as a necessary and mangable evil while observing the basic rules to keep it off harms distance should be the approach and concern not to pretend that we are on lockdown.

Untill the World Health Organization ( WHO) tells us that with nose mask, hand sanitizing and social distance, one can still contact Covid19; continuing with the lockdown becomes nothing but a hoax and counter productive.

People are by day dying of hunger while the Magus of this world, the Akpabios of this generation and the Malamis of this clime are busy looting and throwing parties in contravention of the Covid19 protocol.

Who would after watching the fun fair and extremely flaunting and flouncing of wealth and brazen disregard of NCDC Covid19 protocol and CBN anti money spray during Abubakar Malami’ son’s wedding believe that this government is not a joke in all things. Who?

In the words of late music legend and maestro Fela Anikulapo Kuti Government na magic. This government na magic, real magic!

The more you look the less you see. Body language has long be demystified.

What we thought was an ace , a reliable asset is now the weakest link to corruption. If not, how can one explain the shananigans and impunity that are more of rules than exception under his watch? Body language and integrity my ….

The current rot and mess in NDDC is a bad news! A cesspool of corruption and a pitiable but apt revelation and reflection of what this administration is among other shady and gargantuan misappropriation; shaking and breaking the table of the seeming incorruptibility and over louded integrity of this administration. SHAME!!




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