The Pan African Dialogue for the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS) region, has raised the alarm that millions of  Africans are dying of hunger as a result of the COVID-19 outbreak in the continent.

It, however, called for concerted efforts by leaders and governments in the continent in tackling the situation from degenerating.

A statement issued by ECOWAS Regional Secretary, Pan African Dialogue, Engr. Jesuovie Agadagba, said if nothing is urgently done to address the situation, millions of Africans will die of hunger rather than the dreaded Coronavirus pandemic.

Agadagba urged Africans to reach out to their neighbours especially the most vulnerable ones in this trying time of the ravaging pandemic.

According to him, “In this trying time of our lives, we ought not to create more panic than the world has ever known already. Let’s try and encourage one another, try to be your brothers keeper.

“Some people don’t have money to stock their homes yet many of us have millions in our account. We don’t have to wait for the Government to give us whatever they planned to do, you can actually call someone and help them out with whatever little you can assist with, believe me, that person will forever remember that kind gesture.

“Some people at this point Corona don’t need to come to them but hunger would kill them and their families.

“Please, I am begging on behalf of millions of Africans who can’t speak up. We have them in our families, neighborhoods, churches, work areas, mosques, etc. Let love leads in this trying times.”


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